Mechanism for shutters -
blinds made of movable boards

Introducing a system of lightweight handles
for movable building development OpenUpSystem.

These modern brackets for movable terrace blinds allow you to extremely quickly make the development of terraces, pergolas, balconies, sheds
Openupsustem mechanizm uchwytów

Meet OpenUpSystem

Our OpenUpSystem brackets form a movable mechanism - a mounting system for patio blinds and shutters.

It's a simple solution that adds lightness to the enclosure and makes it multifunctional.

When open, it provides ventilation and a gentle cover. However, when you close it smoothly with a flick of the wrist - it tightly shields from outdoor conditions; sun, wind, rain or snow.

The handles are great for building a terrace, balcony, gazebo, shed with movable blinds made of wood, composite or aluminum.

  • A single piece measures 9.8 x 2 x 58.2 cm and can accommodate up to 6 shutters.
  • They are suitable for wooden boards or aluminum lamellas with a cross section of 9.8×2 cm.
  • Made of lightweight polypropylene with a touch of fiberglass.
  • Available in a choice of five colors: black (RAL 9005), anthracite (RAL 7016), white (RAL 9003), dark brown (RAL 8016), brown (RAL 8024).
  • They can be designed for mounting blinds vertically (with aluminum lamellas) or horizontally (filled with aluminum lamellas and wooden boards).

OpenUpSystem will help you easily create a beautiful and functional enclosures from shutters.

Here's why you should choose just our system brackets for mounting blinds:
  • are trouble-free to install and use,
  • are durable and resistant to damage,
  • have a simple design that emphasizes the beauty of the boards,
  • have a large range of mobility, which makes it easy to care for the blinds,
  • come entirely from a Polish manufacturer.

Universal brackets for shutters -
a simple system for mounting movable boards

Our OpenUpSystem composite profiles are a universal system for mounting outdoor blinds. They fit the development of wooden boards, as well as aluminum slats.

You can use them to quickly and easily make a enclosure for a terrace, balcony or any small garden architecture.

Our brackets are sold in sets. In each set you will find a pair of left and right brackets for OpenUpSystem moving outdoor blinds, suitable for mounting 6 boards / lamellas.

Want to calculate how many sets of brackets you need for your installation? See how to calculate the number of sets.

Movable garden blinds for terraces, balconies, sheds and pergolas - why they are worth it?

Do you need a versatile, elegant solution for building a terrace, balcony or utility rooms in the garden?
Decide on movable patio blinds. A system of movable boards is not only a modern, multifunctional solution. It is primarily:
  • shielding the space from changing weather conditions,
  • extending seasonal use of the terrace and balcony,
  • separation of private space from the sight of passers-by,
  • thermal regulation of the room,
  • modern, aesthetic appearance of the development,
  • minimalism of form and timeless simplicity, which fits into any decor,
  • ease of cleaning and maintenance of the construction,
  • durability and reliability of the domestically manufactured mechanism.
See our gallery of implementations all over Poland

Polish producer of movable boards

What makes us different in the market?

  • each handle contains as many as 6 pairs of movable arms, which allows you to build a much larger area than similar products, using fewer handles,
  • comes in as many as 5 colors, matching virtually any style of finish,
  • is very carefully made, without injection marks, which affects the smooth operation of the handles and reliability,
  • availability - you don't have to wait for our products; manufactured entirely in Poland, they are available off-the-shelf for both retail customers and wholesale for companies making builds out of them.
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  • Secure and convenient payments
  • Universal solutions
  • We have completed many projects throughout Poland
  • We ensure continuity of stock through our own production
  • We constantly introduce novelties in our offer, matching OpenUp System
  • We have a design department, hence we undertake any type of non-standard realizations
  • We provide up-to-date and clear documentation of our products
  • We offer convenient shopping in our online store
  • We are a reliable partner enjoying great reviews - check it out yourself!

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